Not Everyone Can "Get a Job."

Not everyone who is homeless CAN work.

Many of the homeless people see on the streets, the mall, and panhandling at intersections cannot work a regular job. They either have mental health or addiction issues, or they may be physically disabled.

"Getting a job" isn't an option for them. Creating a small business can be an option. Making and selling items, offering a service, or manufacturing items can not only give them items to sell, but increases their sense of competence, confidence, independence and more. Many homeless people "busk" [perform music or entertainment] or find other ways to generate money. Understanding marketing, getting connected to a bank account - even if they have struggled with an account or lost an account before, we can help.

About Our Students

Our first class in 2016 started with 10 students. We graduated seven students. Four dropped out. Two new students joined us after three classes. One has requested not to be listed on the site.
Meet Our Students
  1. Executive Director
    Mark Briggs
    Fine Jewelry
    Mark became homeless after choosing to leave his apartment because of mold issues.
  2. Executive Director
    PJ Dickerson
    Pet Photography
    PJ had to drop out for a few weeks due to health reasons but is joining our next class.
  3. Executive Director
    James McKnight
    Hair Extensions
    James sees a strong demand for real hair for local beauty salons
  4. Executive Director
    Octavius Boykin
    Octavious Tees
    Octavius is now selling tee-shirts!
  5. Executive Director
    Cliff Hall
    Cliff Hall is now housed, applied to run for City Council in C'Ville.
  6. Executive Director
    James Rainey
    Online Sales
    Pee Wee is an Air Force Veteran.