What We Do

Suitcase to Briefcase is a free program for homeless, about to become homeless, and marginally employed but housed individuals who want to learn how to start their own business. All of our classes are free to participants. We do not discriminate based on age, sex, mental health, or criminal background, LGBTQ or addiction. We do require that you be physically and mentally fit enough to commit to, and finish our 8-week course. Classes are once a week for 1.5 hours and "field trips" to local businesses last from 1-4 hours and most are not mandatory, but are a great break for our students.
What to Expect. We do not promise or guarantee that you will graduate and have a ready made business and be making money in 8-weeks. We do promise to give you the basic tools, skills, a bank account and Paypal link where you receive 100% of any money you make from your business, information, and access to resources so you start a business if you have the drive, passion, and commitment to do so. Being homeless means you have challenges other entrepreneurs don't - access to a home/office/car or money. You may find it impossible or hard to get people to take you seriously because you're homeless. We help connect you with people, businesses, and organizations willing to work with us to help you get your business started - but you're going to have to do the "heavy lifting" of working your business yourself. Many have done so successfully. If you're serious about learning how to make money, start a business and help yourself, we're here for you.

The classes and field trips are all FREE. All we ask is that you commit to showing up for 8-weeks for an hour and a half a week for class and one to three hours for field trips [We buy lunch and provide transportation free too].