Suitcase to Briefcase

Many homeless people just want a hand up,
not a hand-out. We're there for them.

The "visible" homeless, the ones we see on the street corners, at intersections, or in shelters are the 15-20% of the homeless who are often unable to help themselves due to addiction issues, mental or physical health issues, felony convictions, or other challenging demands. The other 75 to 80% of homeless are invisible. They're usually working, or homeless because they lost their job, their car broke down, they were diagnosed with a severe health issue, or they're recently divorced, left an abusive home life etc. They just can't afford housing. We help those who are homeless, about to become homeless, marginally employed or unemployed by teaching them how to start their own business with little to no money.
  1. Classes
    Suitcase to Briefcase is a FREE, 8-week course for 4-10 homeless or at-risk adults who want to learn basic entrepreneurial skills. Click for more info.
  2. Field Trips
    Field Trips
    One of the best part about our course is the field trips to local businesses, UVA and other locations to see how small businesses operate. Click for more info.
  3. Mentors
    By enlisting the assistance of other small business owners who are willing to meet once a month or more with our students for 8-weeks we engage the community. Click for more info.
  4. Resources
    In addition to the entrepreneurial help we offer, we also help our students find the resources they need to apply for food, housing, and other benefits. Click for more info.
New Classes Starting Now

New classes [ALL FREE] are starting now. Contact us to apply.

If you don't have email, contact Samantha at The Haven on Market Street in Charlottesville, VA at (434) 973-1234

Becky Blanton

David Durovy

Brittany Neff

Becky Blanton is the author of the book, The Homeless Entrepreneur. She is also the Director of the Homeless Entrepreneur 501(c)3 Foundation. Becky spoke at TED GLOBAL in Oxford, England in 2009 and is a self-employed ghost writer for business authors. Two of the books she has ghosted have appeared, with their authors, on FOX News.
David Durovy is the Assistant Director of the Homeless Entrepreneur 501(c)3 Foundation. Formerly with Tape Records, which landed on INC Magazine's 500 Fastest Growing Small Businesses for two consecutive years, was written up in 4 university textbooks and appeared in numerous magazine and newspaper articles.
Brittany Neff is on the board of directors for The Homeless Entrepreneur 501(c)3 foundation. She is the assistant Bank Manager at Woodforest Bank and is one of several Woodforest employees and managers actually involved in helping the homeless with their banking needs and accounts.